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Jennifer Wilburn
Sandpoint • Idaho




Why the name INDIGO


      I will try to make this short although it is a very long story. Indigo was the name of my colt who died when he was 3 months old. I have always had horses in my life. Even as a young girl I was completely obsessed with them. When my youngest daughter was ten, I bought her a mare. She named her Pennelippe Alexandria (Alex). At some point we bred her. We named the baby boy Indigo because he came out greulo in color. He was beautiful and I planned on raising him to be part of our family and take him on our horse camping trips. The plan was to have him live out a long life with us. Him and I were going to grow old, together. However, Indigo was kicked by another mare and unfortunately needed to be put down. Heart broken that I lost him, having him in my life for three short months and after nurturing and caring for his momma, Alex, for 11 long months, his name has forever been engraved into the memories of this family. He was my first baby foal and my last. If a miracle let you bring back one of your pets, just once in a lifetime, I would choose Indigo. - Jennifer Wilburn


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