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Our Commitment


Indigo Rat Terriers specializes in the dedication and improvement to ensure a solid future for the Rat Terrier breed. We strive to be distinguished by focusing on conformation, temperament and a steadfast prey drive.


A structurally correct canine skeletal form with historically good DNA cross breeding, equals a long living healthy dog. Our foundation dogs are beautifully structured with great temperaments and show true functionality of the breeds history. Indigo Rat Terriers carefully select each dog for our breeding program and pay close attention to the details, giving the future of the breed the potential to be of an unsurpassed quality.


All the dogs and puppies are microchipped. At two years of age, they are health tested for Cardiac, Elbows, Hip, Patellas, Genetic testing current for the breed; such as PLL PRA-PRCD and DM as of October 2016. We also make he effort to earn conformation titles with AKC showing excellent conformation and temperament before we breed prospective Sires and Dams.


IGO Puppies


Indigo Rat Terriers (IGO) is NOT a dog breeding facility. Through efforts to improve the blood lines and "type" of this wonderful breed, we will only breed with select crosses. There will be puppies who do not have a "Show Dog" future. These individuals will need loving forever homes. They will provide people the opportunity to be a part of reestablishing a healthy, happy, fun, and lovable breed.


Puppies not destined to participate in the genetic growth of the Rat Terrier, will be sold to pet homes with a health guarantee and will require a spay/neuter agreement. Although it can be stressful for any dog to be re-homed, all puppies come with a lifetime guarantee for return (surrender) if unforeseen circumstances require it. The reason for this is to be an active part in not over populating and taking responsibility for the dogs we bring into this world.




Our Story


The Rat Terrier first came into my life through my daughter Mariah. At a young age she did research to find a good family pet. She brought home Joe-Joe. Although he lived at a different house then ours, I was able to hear all the stories of this little dog. Joe-Joe was the beginning of our interest in a smaller dog. I have always had big dogs and owned Chocolate Lab's for a time. They proved to be an outstanding breed for my family for many years. Due to a degenerative illness, I was no longer able to consistently work. I loved my big dogs, but I wanted something that could be by my side day and night, I could still have fun with, and wouldn't knock me over. So I bought Toonga, my first pet Rat Terrier. Needless to say, I fell in love with him. The Rat Terrier is a small to medium sized dog with a huge heart and tremendous drive.


In 2012 I bought my two girls, Teqa and Blu. In 2014, I bought Indi my first breeding male. These three are part of the foundation of Indigo Rat Terriers. Their futures are proving to be an important part in re-establishing a quality Rat Terrier known for its comical mind, natural prey instinct, drive, willingness to please, companionship, long life and great health.


My loving and faithful boy Toonga, was bought from a breeder to be a part of our family without a show career. Toonga was four years old when I neutered him. It was a hard decision, because his temperament is perfect and very happy, but he has some conformation discrepancies in his structure. So, Unfortunately; Toonga is not part of my breeding program but he is part of my continued inspiration in this breed, Toonga inherited plenty of prey drive, willingness to please and the cuddle bug attitude the Rat Terrier is known for. He has won my heart for the future of this breed. - Jennifer Wilburn







Jennifer Wilburn (with Blu)




If you are interested in adding an Indigo Rat Terrier puppy to your home, please give me a call.

IGO - the highest of standards. Breeding exceptional dogs for exceptional show, performance and companion family homes.


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